Many people suffer from dental anxiety! Whether it stems from a previous traumatic experience at the dentist or the fear of not knowing what's going on, we do our best to make your appointments as comfortable as possible. Dr. Mitch Driscoll has obtained training and licensing to offer moderate conscious sedation to patients who have those fears. Whether performed with an oral sedative or through an IV, this method helps patients feel calm and relaxed, some even fall asleep. This allows the dentist to do all dental work without the patient feeling or remembering almost anything. Age, behavior, and the treatment being done are all considered when choosing the most effective type of sedation for your individual needs.

When if it comes to young children, we offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) which helps relieve anxiety of a high percentage of kids. During the initial visit we will get to know each child and introduce them to the dental team while making it a fun experience that's not scary!

If you have questions about anxiety or moderate conscious sedation, give us a call so we can answer your question or set up a consultation. Your safety and comfort are our highest priority and we will discuss different options with you in detail prior to treatment so you can feel confident in your treatment.

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